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Visual - Gallery

Here are some of the photographs that are used in our photograph exhibition as well as some others from the vergeside. Below the gallery you will find some YouTube videos and films of things relevant to our general ethos and our lifestyle.

Many people contributed to the photos on this website, we are thankful to nfATs.coR photography, Lorraine Steward, Del Blyben, Benedetta Chiddo, Tylor James, Matty Evo, Iain, Alan ‘Tash’ Lodge, Sensamillia, Lilmisslostit, Andy, MysteryT, Terena Worlidge and Sam Wilkinson.


Romany Rai - A film about Appleby Horse Fair. A 60 minute documentary, twenty years in the making on the road with horses to the biggest Gypsy horse fair in Europe. Made by our friend Tom from Fell Pony Adventures.

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