No Fixed Abode Travellers and Supporters

Campaigning AGAINST the criminalisation of trespass and FOR the right to roam.

Mission Statement - April, 2021 - No Fixed Abode Travellers Collective.

nfATs is a diverse collective of people who have come together to highlight the current issues that affect all Travellers and the nomadic way of life. Throughout history humans have lived nomadically - it is a human right to do so- and it is a way of life cherished by many. It is, however, currently under threat from many directions, in particular the proposed new legislation in the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill, (part 3 and 4 - Public Order & Unauthorised Encampments) which, alongside many draconian new laws now plans to make the act of trespass a criminal offence.

Our mission:

* to promote the positive aspects of New Traveller culture.
* to educate people about the history and current situation of no fixed abode New Travellers.
* to engage with people outside of the nfATs Collective, helping to reduce prejudice, ignorance and misunderstanding.
* to create a united force of people campaigning and networking together.
* to fight against all forms of fascism, bigotry and prejudice.

* to campaign against laws that make it more difficult or illegal to lead a nomadic lifestyle and which restrict our human rights.


We are a collective composed mostly of New Travellers; we are folk dwelling in vehicles of many shapes and sizes, who live and travel by truck, boat, cart, foot and wagon; some with ethnic Traveller heritage; some who now reside in bricks and mortar. Our common cause is freedom- to be, to roam, to live.

Some of us live verge-side or squat on disused land or in disused buildings, occasionally we live on the rare authorised sites provided by the council. Perhaps we have been able to secure land which we are allowed to live on and have chosen to settle (a little) which enables us to continue to live in a way that is connected with nature and our planet but with the security that such a base provides.

We have come together because our rights (which as New Travellers are already very limited) are being eroded. The loss of these rights, although they impact most obviously upon Travellers, will also impact upon ordinary folk. Our access to the land and waterways is already limited, we have a right to roam on just 8% of England's land. The other 92% remains off limits, and we are about to lose more.


The Horsebox Action Hub travels around the UK participating in festivals and events. The Hub is a welcoming space open for the discussion of issues of concern affecting not only Travellers but every single human being alive. Living by good example, collective discussion and gaining outside support from a wider community through cohesive movement is the way forward. We will continue to promote the positive aspects of nomadic life and to campaign against the criminalisation of our lifestyle.

We encourage people outside of nfATs Collective to visit our Action Hub, relax with a book from our reference library or engage in conversation and debate with us in a calm and welcoming environment in which they can feel comfortable. The space is not only there for relaxation, conversation and debate, along with our marquee and acoustic firepit it also offers us an opportunity to demonstrate and showcase our many skills and attributes to a wider audience.


For 2021 we are making a 3cd compilation album, would you like to submit a track? We are looking for music, spoken word, podcasts and are open to all submissions.


CD1 - Forgive Us Our Trespasses - As We RemembA Those Who TrespassT Against Us!

CD2 - Land of the Free - Restoring the Records.

CD3 - T-A-P Travellers Against Prejudice.


Please email your submissions to


Get Involved:

nfATs Collective NEEDS YOUR HELP! Please check out this website to get to know more about nfATs Collective and why we came into being back in 2016. We are always in need of financial support from supporters of our campaign projects. You can help, not just financially but in other ways too.

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“The crux of the matter is land. Surely every human being is entitled to enough land to live on. Land is like air and water, yet it is fenced off for the private enjoyment of the rich, or for forms of agriculture that are damaging the ecosystem. Unwittingly, New Age Travellers have placed themselves in the front line of the struggle to win back the land”

Rosenberger – 1989.

Girl on Ridgeway