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Thank you to everyone who has donated so far to the nfATs GoFundMe Campaign. You have been amazing and nfATs Coalition.coR have been able to really get on with the refurbishment of the nfATs hub, whilst planning and booking our 2022 festival tour. You can view updates on how nfATs have spent donations-to date, via the GoFundMe link. You will also find our nfATs wish list for this years immediate needs within. We survive mainly on funds received through donations to keep us afloat. Please consider donating via our GoFundMe campaign.


If you are unable to support us financially then there are other ways that would also be extremely helpful:


  • Join our Facebook group HERE.

  • Offer practical support, e.g. mechanics, web help, gifts of the things we need, design logos, posters, merchandise, offer to play at a benefit gig for us etc.

  • Show your support by sharing this GoFundMe page amongst your friends and groups via personal message, email, text, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media outlets.

  • Donate prizes for us to raffle or sell.

  • Donate your time to campaign with us.

  • Donate your venue for a benefit gig or your company for printing, merchandise etc.

  • Promote our campaign to a wider community by talking to people about it!



We have been asked whether we can use funding sources other than donations but it seems impossible to gain funding from the usual sources that most small groups have access to. This is mainly due to our chosen non constitutional status. We pride ourselves on being an all-inclusive confidential member group rather than an exclusive one. We are an all welcoming collective, and by keeping our group members on a non-hierarchical level of importance without needing to pass on personal details such as names, addresses and contact details for storage on a database as evidence of our group membership, the confidentiality of campaign group members is somewhat secured (think ... "I'm Spartacus!" if you get my drift).


We will not be put in a position where we are forced to hand over personal details to form a constitutional group for funding purposes. Nor do we wish to have a chair, secretary or treasurer to speak and act on the groups’ behalf. All we need is group collaboration via donations and campaign awareness conversation, a mutual trust and a supportive core crew team.  It goes against the grain of our group ethos to be subjected to forced control from a few key individuals that rule the roost.


Thank you so much for supporting us. If you want to find out more please explore this website for more in depth information and keep up to date with ongoing campaigns and events via our Facebook group and this site.

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